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Michael Spiro and Michael Williams create an original fusion !

the essence of Puerto Rico's African roots
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a new direction for Jazz and Latin Jazz!
Rebeca Mauleón
Round Trip

Round Trip is Rebeca's fully realized expression of her unique musical vision.
It combines elements of funk, salsa, blues, flamenco and jazz into a remarkable musical stew.
An ensemble of top musicians brings this mix into its full flavor. Orestes Vilató is an acknowledged master percussionist who spent ten years with Carlos Santana, Tito Puente and nearly every other major Latin jazz star.

Check out these samples from Rebeca Mauleón Round Trip
in Real Audio Format, , download latest player.
RA BubbleRound Trip RA BubbleFresa y Chocolate

An Outstanding A Capella Ensemble
Grupo Vocal Desandann, Descendants

With wondrous voices and rich harmonies, the women and men of Grupo Vocal Desandann express the untold story of a rich heritage. Over a span of roughly two centuries (1775 to the 1980's), there were three significant waves of Haitian immigration into eastern Cuba. The cultural impact of that migration was significant, although not widely known today off the island. The premier a cappella group, Desandann, now shares their deep musical inheritance with the rest of the world. Check out these Hot samples from Grupo Vocal DesandannDescendants,
RA BubbleSe Lavi RA BubbleLawouze


The sound of Cuba Today !
Preview El Zorro La Vida Entara MP3 Format
1. El Borracho
2. La Vida Entera
3. La Bomba Soy Yo

Bembe Presents
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The New Sound of Cuba, La Caro Band releases new album!
Vale La Pena, It's Worth It

This is the new sound of Cuba! Led by Blas Muñoz, and fronted by four sisters, including his wife Martha and lead singer Lisette, La Caro Band is a family that grooves together. Vale la Pena is a swinging dance party, presenting the funkiest timba, the current state of the art of salsa Cubana!

Check out these Hot samples from La Caro's latest release Vale La Pena
RA BubbleVale La Pena RA BubbleIdea Loca


lacaro te salva Also be sure to check out La Caro's critically acclaimed
first release Te Salva

Sample Tracks:
RA BubbleConfianza Fatal (deadly secret) RA Bubble Confusion


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clave Matrix Bembé Books debut release, The Clave Matrix
Afro Cuban Rhythm, its Principals, and African Origins, includes 1 cd.

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Nominated for a Grammy, and featuring legendary Chucho Valdes
Babalu Aye
Babalu Aye Irakere, the Grammy award winning, 12-piece band has created another masterpiece! "Babalú Ayé" smokes like only an Irakere record can!
rasmall pictureEsta Noche

A Bembe Best Seller, a true folklorico classic
Musica Yoruba %%product(bembe_999).short description%%